Wondering where to party in Riga?

Riga offers a huge variety of great bars & clubs and it would take all weekend and a lot of consumed alcohol to get through all of them! We think you should visit at least four of them to become familiar with Riga`s nightlife. Riga Pub Crawl gives you an idea which are cool places worth another visit during your stay in Riga, and which places are a waste of time.

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Pub Crawl

Make your party in Riga unforgettable – make it with Riga Pub Crawl team!

There are two ways how to enjoy Riga Pub Crawl:
• Leave everything in the hands of our nightlife Guides and crawl the route beloved by many tourists who have visited Riga before you.
• Inform us if you have any personal plans, destinations, and wishes (VIP table reservations, limo/party bus transfers, different type of group activities, e.g. bobsleigh, curling, beer bike, sauna & hot tub, etc.) and we will make a Special program for your group.

Other activities

You might be wondering what to do while you are waiting for pub crawl to start or how to “charge your batteries” next day when you dealing with a little bit of a hangover… After receiving many emails with the same questions of what else can we recommend doing in Riga besides drinking beer and visiting nightclubs, we have came up with some great ideas! Look no further – Riga Pub Crawl team has picked Top activities that will keep you busy, entertained and fix that little hangover if needed!
     *If you have any questions regarding the price, availability or you need more information, do not hesitate to contact us. We’ll take care of everything!

Winter bobsleigh & soft bob

Price from 45 EUR/pp

Enjoy the ride at one of the longest tracks in Europe which is used for World Bobsleigh Championship. On this 1420 meters long track you’ll have a chance to try The Olympic Bob which reaches speed over 100km/h and The Soft Bob over 70km/h! Something you can’t do anywhere else…

Sauna and a hot tub

Price from 25 EUR/pp

Have you ever heard the phrase "It is Baltic out there!" meaning "it is freezing cold"? Yes, that means we do tend to have rough winters here. We've learned to take advantage of it and spend our winters as cool as Scandinavians! Here is what you do - warm up those freezing toes in hot sauna until the sweat breaks through, and then dare to jump in the ice hole drilled in the river outside! Don't worry. You'll warm up in seconds after sliding in a hot tub afterwards where you can enjoy staying warm while breathing that crisp air and enjoying the view over Suspension bridge and the castle of Riga. Yes - you heard it right - all of this just a few min drive from the Old Town!


Price from 35 EUR/pp

Most of us have watched curling on TV and now you have a chance to try it yourself! A professional instructor will guide you through the basics and main rules of this game so you don’t have to worry that you will be left on the ice all alone! You can choose between 1 or 2 hours of game time to make it more suitable for your group size.
Learn, practice and compete! It is not as easy as it looks through the TV screen!

Laser Tag

Price from 20 EUR/pp

A perfect group activity for all age groups! If you like the adrenaline rush that you can get from a paintball game, but you’re not that big fan of getting bruises from the shots, this will be perfect for you! There will be different game scenarios, competitions, and excitement, but you’ll get through without getting hurt! In laser tag, there is no physical impact on you when you’re getting “shot”. Each player is wearing a headband, which vibrates and plays a sound signal when the player is “shot” making this as safe and painless as possible, but no less interesting and challenging!

Beer bike

Price from 25 EUR/pp

Who says that cycling and drinking beer is a summer thing? We do both throughout the whole year! And we love to do things differently - we combine cycling with drinking in one activity – yes, it’s fun! The Ultimate Beer Bike offers a great way to explore the Old town of Riga while sipping a beer. Up to 15 people can ride one Beer Bike at a time and we have multiple Beer Bikes to accompany bigger groups! Don`t worry if you are not familiar with Riga Old town yet, because you will get your chauffeur/bartender to take care of you. Oh, and did we mention bottomless beer?

Party Bus (with or without strippers)

Price from 20 EUR/pp

Why go to the club if you can bring the club to you? Book a party bus as the airport transfer or just to drive through the streets of Riga. Have your bartender to save you in the moments when the glass is almost empty! Listen to your own music if you fancy something special! If you wish to do a special surprise for your friends, you can always add one or more strip dancers!

Winter Quad Bikes

Price from 50 EUR/pp

It doesn’t matter if the sun is shining or frost is biting, it is time for quad bike riding! Enjoy the ride in forest paths, where sometimes struggle can be real! Challenge your balancing skills on a steep sand dune or try not to slide off the snow-covered path when wheels choose to go the other way! Of course, if this sounds too rough for you, there is another option - a special track where you can enjoy a more predictable ride. Doesn’t matter what you will choose, you’ll love it as the rides will be outside Riga in the forests. Imagine forest wonderland covered in snow!

*Please note – you need to be sober to participate in this activity.

Beer Yoga

Price from 30 EUR/pp

What a great idea to combine these qualities! Enjoying your beer while practicing some easy and not so easy yoga positions! Unique activity to enjoy together with your friends. If you’re worried that it might be too boring for you, this is not the case as we guarantee you’ll have a good laugh at your own and your friends struggle. And the best part of it, you can “Cheers to that!” throughout all the time!

Visit "Dinamo Riga" ice hockey game

Price from 35 EUR/pp

As mentioned in NBC news: “For Latvians, hockey is a religion”! Not always we will win, but always we will shout, sing, clap and support our team in any possible way. Oh yes, we will also drink a lot of beer. As we say in Latvia – ice hockey without a beer is a figure skating! Are you ready to shout out loud - “Sarauj, Latvia!”? Let’s drink some beer and enjoy that amazing atmosphere in the arena!

Bubble football

Price from 35 EUR/pp

We all like to play football but we have lifted it up to another level which is more challenging. The only rule - there are no rules. Try to smash all enemies into the wall while succesfully escaping from ones who try to hit you down. And don`t forget to score! Between the breaks you can try Sumo or other entertaining games.

Limo rent (with or without strippers)

Price from 25 EUR/pp

Travel in style with Lincoln, Chrysler, Mercedes or Rolls Royce limousine! We will welcome you in Riga airport or just outside your hotel to pick you up for a ride through the streets of Riga, while sipping a beer or champagne and enjoying the music! Organizing a getaway for your friends? Surprise them by booking one or 2 strip dancers to accompany you during the trip! Is there a better way how to start your holidays? Enter Latvia in style!


Price from 30 EUR/pp

If you wish to do something a bit more active, choose paintball! Just pick one of those venues – indoor paintball center, largest outdoor paintball park in Baltic’s or challenging underground space! We will take care of your transfers and all essential equipment! And don’t worry; if you’re not too keen on getting those bruises, we have a solution for you! Try the indoor paintball where we use special soft latex balls instead of paintballs. The guns can be regulated to adjust the power and skip the bruises! Are you ready to play?


Price from 45 EUR/pp

Airsoft is an interesting game where you’ll have to work in a team. Use realistic airsoft guns, shoot your opponents and work as a team to succeed! Professional instructors will give you many different game plans to keep it interesting throughout all time. One moment you’ll need to protect the president and the next you will be the bad guy fighting against the police! The perfect activity for groups.

Husky dog sledding

From 65 EUR/pp

Are you a dog lover? Choose this activity and you’ll find yourself in your happy place! A team of friendly and very active dogs will take you for a spin through a 3 km long track located in a forest. All dogs are rescue dogs and they’re taken care of by a lovely family. Huskies are work dogs and they need this kind of activity, so by going on a ride with them, you’re just making them happier!
If there is no snow, the sled will be changed to a wheeled cart so activity is also possible in autumn and spring months while temperatures are not too high.

Clay Pigeon Shooting

Price from 50 EUR/pp

Clay pigeon shooting is also known as moving target shooting. Targets will be released in the air for you to quickly point at them and shoot! Although with every shot it gets easier to hit the target, to make it more challenging for you, the intensity and location of targets changes all the time! If you’ve never done it, that’s not a problem as there will be a professional instructor to show you how it is done.

*Please note – you need to be sober to participate in this activity.

Strip dinner

Price from 45 EUR/pp

Imagine enjoying a nice, relaxed meal while enjoying a strip show right in front of you! This takes dinnertime to another level, doesn’t it? The dinner takes place at a strip club bar. Table reserved for your group with a three-course meal and a beer for each. Dinner is served!

*Please note, there may be other groups also present.

Pole dance class for girls

Price from 35 EUR/pp

The ideal activity for hen parties! This will be interesting, challenging and it definitely will bring out a lot of laughter in your company! Although it does not look too hard, trust us – it is very challenging! But don’t worry, at the start, we’ll open a bottle of bubbly for you so you can loosen up a bit and just go for it. This definitely will keep your party buzzing for the rest of the night! No previous experience is needed.

Indoor go karts

Price from 25 EUR/pp

Are you competitive with your friends? This might be a great activity to do if you would like to quickly get that adrenaline rush! We’ll take you to the longest indoor Go-Kart track in Latvia where a lap is 250 meters long. Can you prove that you’re the fastest between your friends?

Shooting range

Price from 45 EUR/pp

If you have ever wanted to try how it feels to fire the same weapons seen many times before on TV shows and movies...well, finally you have a chance. The shooting range offers pistols, revolvers and different rifles to choose from. Will you ever have opportunity to fire Kalashnikov again?

*Please note – you need to be sober to participate in this activity.

Segway tour

Price from 45 EUR/pp

Riga is a fabulous city with a very charming Old Town. Every little corner is hiding a story behind it! You’d like to see all of it, but your feet are not happy about so much walking… Don’t worry! We’ve got a perfect solution for you! Choose a guided tour on Segway scooters. In 1,5 hours you will cover 10 km filled with legends and funny stories about Riga. Combine fun activity with a bit of interesting learning! No previous experience is needed.

4x4 Off Road

Price from 80 EUR/pp

Off-Road team’s motto is: ``Where the road ends, the journey begins!``. Sounds good, doesn’t it? What can be better than adrenaline rush that makes your heart pound? Challenge yourself and your teammates. No matter - couples, friends or colleagues – everyone will have fun during Off-road driving! You will be picked up from your hotel with these 4x4 jeeps. The instructor will drive you out of the city borders where you can enjoy the pure off-road experience. Then the instructor will sit back and relax while you’re trying to get the team through the forest, sand, water and everything else you can and can not imagine!

Walking Tour

From 10 EUR/pp

Such a diverse and historically rich city as Riga will keep your attention already by its charming looks, there is no doubt about that. But did you know that one of the bells in Riga church towers needed to be removed because of cheating wives? Have you heard how did we manage to keep our monument of freedom untouched during Soviet occupation times? Let one of our fun and charming guides take you through the streets of Riga Old Town so you can learn some interesting stories that will make you completely fall in love with our city!


Explore the great variety of Riga`s nighlife scene

* Pubs and Clubs mentioned in section below has an illustrative meaning. We do not include them all in our tour. During the pub crawl you will visit three bars and a dance club.

Old-Style Latvian Pubs

Usually the interior consists of wooden logs and massive tables. These pubs offer a good variety of locally brewed beer and homemade Latvian wines. Definitely best places to get familiar with Latvian culture and cuisine. Enjoy folk music concerts and take part in Latvian karaoke. Old-style Latvian pubs recently have become popular with both locals and tourists from all over Europe.

Rock Bars

Don`t expect a huge variety of beers here. Rock bars are all about the music and rock stars. Set your watch back to the ‘90s, jump into the crowd and dance to the rhythm of grunge. There are also famous Latvian bands (not only rock) playing shows here, some of which can be overcrowded. Rock bars also pay tribute to Latvian rock music legends and some rooms are made into a museum.

Bar with simply the best view of Riga

A perfect pub crawl cannot be done without visiting the iconic cocktail lounge located on the 26th floor of Riga`s highest hotel. It’s a bit more pricey, but chic and definitely worth a visit. The entrance fee and a welcome drink are included in the price.

Dance Clubs

Dance bars usually consist of few seperate areas with comfy seats where people chat to each other while slowly sipping beer or some coctail. With every hour closer to midnight, these bars become more lively. Local DJs do their best to make a great atmosphere. Some of the dance bars have two or even three seperate dance floors.

English and Irish Pubs

You know what to expect here. Tourists from England and Ireland, well-known beer brands, loud chatter and laughter and, of course football. So get yourself a pint of fresh Guinness, listen to live music, watch sports and order some classic British pub food like burgers, fish and chips, and buffalo wings.


Nighclubs in Riga vary from mid-size venues to ones with capacity for 1,000 clubbers, with smoke machines, great audio systems, flashing lasers, go-go dancers and gorgeous bartenders. You’ll find everything to create a fascinating party. Some clubs also host various events and concerts. You have to be well-dressed to gain entrance to some of these clubs, and some ask to make a table reservation.

Strip Clubs

To some groups, the best place to finish off the pub crawl might be the stip clubs. The guide can take you to the ones that are not tourist traps.


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Terms and Conditions

To enjoy Riga`s nightlife there are some rules to follow.

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1. All participants are responsible for their own safety and well-being during the event. Riga Pub Crawl will do its best to ensure that participants safely attend a variety of localities and venues within Riga Old Town and city centre. However, Riga Pub Crawl events cannot mitigate every eventuality and as such, Riga Pub Crawl events involve an element of possible risk. All participants acknowledge these risks and attend events of their own accord and solely at their own risk.

2. Riga Pub Crawl events include opportunities for participants to consume alcohol at their own discretion. Riga Pub Crawl urges all participants to drink responsibly and cannot accept any responsibility or liability if participants drink excessively, resulting in damages, ill health, injury or death.

3. All participants should be aware of their own physical or mental limitations before attending the event. People with medical conditions or who are pregnant are strongly advised NOT to participate in Riga Pub Crawl events and must inform Riga Pub Crawl of the full nature of their condition before participating.

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9. All venues (including bars and clubs), attended by Riga Pub Crawl reserve the right to refuse entry or remove participants from venues for any reason including drunk, disorderly, aggressive, abusive or anti-social behaviour. Riga Pub Crawl accepts no liability in the event of refusal or removal and will not refund ticket prices in such an event.


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